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" Hate Doesn't Stop Hate, Love Does That"

                         -Martin Luther King Jr.

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Brittany is a survivor of childhood trauma, mental illness, family dysfunction. The Fall of 2019, Brittany woke up at 4am with a calling to write her story to share with others as she felt others could relate to parts of her story. In the process of healing and inner child work, Brittany has relied on her Faith to help her with letting go. Brittany's first memoir was typed on her Android phone miles away from her home.  Each of us carry spiritual gifts, and I believe that writing has helped me express myself in so many ways.

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-National Society For Leadership & Success

-Top 400 in the Author Elite Awards

-Semi-Finalist on Poetry Nation for her poem titled "Defeating Demons"

Written Articles For:

-Better Because Project

-Made Of Millions Foundation

-The Rochester Voice

-Scars Of Survival Magazine

-Born This Way Foundation

You Were Handpicked, wonderfully, beautifully made by a Loving God

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You Are Loved

You Are Invited

You Are Chosen

You Are Worthy

Even when others have forsaken you or abandoned you

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